Renunciation and Vindications

So, this morning while watching the news this pandemic is morphing into something else, and it has cause problematic area on the children. Then, the key questions are: why are some families still in peril? What if, there is a second wave of this pandemic? How can we  recover from this pandemic battle? I know that the Creator has a greater plan, for all of this one that we cannot see, but we can defiantly feel. The empaths have been oppressed by the mentally disturbed narcissist of internal and external locust of control that implant themselves in people lives only to wreak havoc, for far too long in this world, and balance between good and evil can be hard but it is necessary at this time. According to the Bible: Joel 2:25 “I will repay you for the years the locust has eaten”. Lying, cheating, stealing, betrayal, jealousy, envy just to name a few are high on the list. Many people live with one hardship after another, and just cannot overstand why? It is because Narcissist (Judas of the world) never really sleep, they just allow the devil to use them day and night for relentless evil. Bible quote: 2 Peter 2:22 “A dog returns to his vomit, and licks it up”. Can you imagine being called a dog in the Bible? So, there is no limits to how far down a person can go as an evil doer. Out of nowhere comes the Coronavirus something that the world just cannot get a grip on, and it just seem to claim the lives of countless man, woman, and now children. A change is on the winds of time, and with strongholds, chains, curses being broken. Many will feel the sting of no longer carrying the hurt, pains, and discouragements that were dumped into a life worth living. I had a friend once tell me: “If you lye in dirt long enough with someone kicking it on you that dirt will begin to taste sweet”. The angels of Harvest are in the land reaping what you so may not be a good thing for some because of what has been done in the dark will surely be brought to the light for generations to come. Many will just freely receive a clean break of vindications, and move towards happiness in the Kingdom while others look up from Hell “gnashing of teeth”. The day of reckoning draw nigh…tic toc, tic toc

Claiming my victory over the snares of the Devil!!!

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