My last post caused me to do some reflections about Social Development, and How important it is for families to know their history. I thought about the fact that it is understudies about what are the Psychological affects of not knowing family histories? I am more than certain that the antique road shows/pawn shops may have a lot of the historical clues in their possessions. The family artifacts and items are given a monetary value at the antique road shows, and purchased dirt cheap at pawn shops. Therefore, a lot of family histories get lost in the shuffle. As as result, families continue to live in poverty not over standing wealth is attached to many of the items, artifacts, and heirlooms. Unfortunately, the younger generation use sex as currency in exchange for some kind of validation. Instead; of growing strong in Faith just spiral down in moral decay and risky behaviors just to name a few.


Reflect and cultivate Begin creating family history from where you are…

A coat of

arms or a


crest are

a visual



into the

life and

times of



As the family Griot/Story teller of the family history. In 2015 I presented the family with our own family crest/coat of arms photo featured in this blogpost; I custom created from my own family research. As a result, it is now housed in the Library of Congress.

Elaine’s ;Coat and Crest

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