Weird Balance

Oftentimes you feel like something’s just off. The parade of endless thoughts and worries that just wreak havoc in the brain just won’t let go. And just having the talk with anybody is just too weird!!! Finding Balance is all of that because in the even low-keyed moments life just happens and just like that you jump out of character do things, say things that are untoward someone. In those moments of not wanting to stray too far from what is becoming more of the new norm in the finding balance act we look to friends that may not think that it is so weird. Sometimes talking to the friend change the outcome of how? and what? has to be done for an easy resolve in the particular situation. I use to have a way of changing conversation topics right in the middle of what seem to be going well. Because hell or high waters I was not going to feel that uncomfortable feeling in my guts of dealing with something that might be said in that conversation. It was so unfortunate for my friends that I would do that. In my reflections I see that now, but back then I thought I was right. Hell, who want to feel weird about themselves? I guess it was my own coping mechanism childhood fears growing. up in a home where there was domestic violence between the parents. It was so sad at how suddenly quickly a conversation could go sideways. “When you know better you do better”


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