What is really going on?!

Before the Coronavirus I often found myself, wondering when will we see changes in the world? I never thought that this would be so drastic. But, in some states the number of crimes is down. A new term coined “Social Distancing”. Well., just to name a few. Maybe the biggest take away is way that Coronavirus does not discriminate it knows no race color, or creed. Anybody can get it at any time just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mass manifestations I even heard a lady home overrun by strangely enlarge spiders? I would say wood spiders probably in need of ply boards repaired and/or replacements? Mass hysteria replaced with another plague frogs, snakes, locust etc.… So, this morning I decided to go to the grocery store don’t want to get caught with agoraphobia. I witness social distancing among the masses. Calmer demeanor, everyone staying powerfully quietly to oneself. Arachnophobia? Agoraphobia? Nonetheless, phobias are abnormal behaviors “Let My People Go” Planet earth was long due cleansing/purging but never did I dream of this magnitude. It is a time to ask for strong Faith.

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