What is wrong with Me?


We hear that over and over people saying those words to themselves…How can I fix that? Ecclesiastes 1:2 “Vanity of vanities, says the preacher, vanity of vanities all is vanity”. Search for that spirited, and ride it until it is broken. Energically stealing from someone else life Why? (Because someone died and left them in charge and they decided that another human being did not deserve his or her life)?. I had a friend conduit years ago that seem to be right; but there was always this gaslight screen between us and the rest of the team. We played cabbage and volley ball together, fun luncheons, school plays a plethora of other fun-loving things together, but it was just that nasty green slimy booger just would not go away. It was always rearing its ugly head, but the person mastered the art of gaslighting, and the reservoir of sins that is attached to it lying, cheating, manipulating etc.… I was young and, I just thought that was a part of growing up. Until, I grew up and I watched the movie “Beloveth” featuring Oprah Winfrey. To see a character dredged up from the bowels of hell was mine blowing with a throat so severely cut that she could not formulate her words just gurgles in the back of the throat. I guess communication was not all that important; if her reason for returning from the dead was to kill, steal, and destroy her sister and momma. At first sight Oprah pissed on herself that is how frightening it was staring at death. The movie may have been a little extreme, but the Hidden envy epitomizes “Vanity “message was clear just how dangerous these people really are. Back to the story this friend had need, for dental care because without it the spaces between her teeth widened with each passing day enough that she could eat corn through a chain linked fence. Well, as she grew up secured a good job, and was able to receive the proper dental care, and afford braces, she was a real part of society with new friends and everything. Who knew? That something so minor could have made this person so bitter in her earlier years. I saw this person about ten years ago with a mouth full of rotten teeth, and sick piraha gums. “Nobody could ever do, say, or perform anything better than her. Can you imagine how that affected the rest of the team of young girls? She was riddled with fears, insecurities, and bad karmas and she would just literally suck the life out of the team members. Her hidden envy was teeth genetics, DNA, biology something, she could never have in a million years because it was not hers. Looking for answers stop the Blame games “Start with the person in the mirror”. “Faith allows God to define us in the World”.

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