“If, your heart is pure. Then, no harm can come to you”

The way that I see it Coronavirus is a matter of the heart, and the Universe is nudging us to get it right…watching the early morning news my first thought was to panic.  Instead, I decided to just pinch myself to wake up for this terrible nightmare. Reminds me of the (1973) “Soylent Green” movie featuring the Late Charlton Heston. The first time that; I watched that movie I cried really hard.  I don’t know what? I was thinking about at the time, or even why? I was most afraid of. Was it Conforming?  Persuasion? Or, The power of suggestion? The “Baby Boomer” that I am the very idea that those rationed out crackers  that was being served daily to the masses was made from the dead bodies of elderly people! “Soylent Green” crackers, which brings me to this widespread Coronavirus outbreak? Will we be lined up and cattle prodded for super shots/branding in our arms? hmmm Or, will we just evaporate into thin air like some kind of cosmic reckoning sort of speak? Truth be told: this is some Sci-Fi bullshit not at all good for the human psychic.  However, my personal preventative measure of order in this chaos is that; I will continue to put my toothbrush in the refrigerator freezer been doing it, for years call it my experience with phobia or phantom hysteria. I just do not want anybody doing his/her business around anything that I am going to put into my mouth toothbrush cover my butt. I like a clean mouth, fresh breath, and germ free. I am connected to the earth supported and abundant.

In closing, my motto/opinion/mantra “If, your  heart is pure. Then, no harm can come to you”. (Standing in my own power and truth)

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