Living Ageless and Married

Marriage is suppose to be a sacred matrix institution. Yet, we have six people in bed with us the majority of the time bride parents, groom parents, and lastly the bride and groom. Now, take a minute to wrap your brain around that. It is not always easy for people to release old patterns, behaviors and habits they just continue being loyal to the wounded warrior’s scenario, and with it comes angry sex. So, it is no wonder so many marriages end in complete and utter battles, brawls, belligerence. The television show “Lifetime” make money off of one movie after the other about angry “Ex”, Stalked by the angry “Ex”, My Ex kidnapped me etc.…Funny how we manage to keep attracting people in our life that cannot, will not, refuse to reciprocate “Love”. Well there is no need for a rocket scientist for this “How is the hell are you going to Love somebody else when you don’t even love yourself…Can I get a Amen?  Quote By drag queen extraordinaire Ru Paul.  There is no quick fix to find bad seeds buried deep within before it takes root. Unfortunately, many take pride in continuing on the path of failure and the rest is history. “Same old soup warmed over served in a different bowl”, One screwed up relationship after another, and blame the other person for your own shortcomings. It is much easier to absorb all responsibility for the failure of the relationship and/or marriage so liberating to just free yourself because that will never happen  with the other person stroking his or her own ego, and you will remain stuck in the muck and mire of trying to get forgiveness from someone that never gave a damn from the beginning.  The married singles are the most innovative because in the marriage they find creative ways to remain independent in all aspect of life.  The institution of marriage is an illusion of the two shall become one sounds so romantic bring out the violins, but the struggles comes when the one become two again. Sometimes the ground just cracks and the pedestal of one just keeps getting higher than the other person pedestal. If, the relationship is going to survive just come up higher level up and even the playing field or cut your losses and move the fuck on.    


Seeing the other side of the coin is the most important thing of all. The illusion of the marriage matrix just that keeps one stuck in “La La” land knocking people down like bowling ball pins is just wrong.”… In the game of poker you play the player not the cards…”. In life the Universe balances out, and things just come back to bite you in the ass, and your stank reputation proceeds you. People start seeing you coming. Or, should I say they smell you coming, too. Installing system updates take time, but it is well worth the journey.

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