Art and Culpability

According to the dictionary Culpability is responsibility for a fault or wrong: blame. What come to mind is “…Haste makes Waste…”. Which explains why? so many people remain in their own folly of doing something and/or speaking to quickly and cause a ferocity that result in wasted time, effort, money etc.… This is a reflection that can reduce a lot of shameful situations in anyone life. Owning our shortcomings is about all that is needed to cultivate hidden gems among humankind of integrity, trustworthiness, and wholeness. Contrary to popular beliefs, asking for forgiveness all the time is just exhausting. So, it would behoove anyone to put his or her finger on the pulse of prudence. In my personal life I wasted a lot of time rushing my life pure.” Id” just want to have things my way, and I was not willing to look at my own shortcomings. I worked hard at Becoming what society said was “Right” and “Good” all of what was from my head, and one day I was not even sure of what I had Become. Reality check; I had a fist full of thorns that would hurt as much or even more taking the conditional “Love” thorns out. Also, I realized that the pain of removing the thorns is the way that weakness leaves the body. Simply stated: Unbecoming what I had become over the years is the real challenge taking down the walls built around the heart, and remove the stumbling blocks  is how we learn Unconditional “Love” and leap into Eternal Life (A Heaven right here on Earth)… Artist are able to create works that portray many of these stages which captivate the audiences.

For Paul eternal life is a future possession and “the eschatological goal towards which believers strive.” Paul emphasizes that eternal life is not merely something to be earned, but a gift from God, as in Romans 6:23: “wages of sin is death; but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


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