“Art and Death”

The thought that death is an absolute for all living creatures large or small, but nothing can ever prepare us for looking into the face of death. Recently, a family friend died it was not like it was unexpected because he had been sick for some time, but that proverbial telephone call in some weird way shook me to the core I was not able to focus for about 10 minutes a strange silence filled the space between my two ears, and I just sat and starred before I could muster up the courage to pass on the news that there was yet another “Going Home” for this person that had played a role in my life, For over four decades this person was an epoxy woven into the tapestry of my life. Historically speaking, various cultures create death mask to capture and created valuable moments in time that would otherwise just dissipate, and I began to reflect on the first time that I was a part of creating a Death Mask in my art class straws were carefully placed in each nostrils to protect the person from getting any of the soft slippery substance inside of his nostrils the substance would eventually harden with the passing of time eyes shut tightly would allow the mask impression to clone the person essence, esthetics, and posterity of Heaven as the Korean people would have it. “Dust in the wind” “Gone But not Forgotten”. On one hand, Selfish as it is just one more laugh, smile, or dance would be so appreciated. On the other, The sick does not deserve to suffer so “Pray that the pain could leave the body or the body could leave the pain”. It is how I learned to deal with letting go of the people that I cherished, and feel honored that we had the chance in this life to cross paths R.I.P…

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