Defending Balance

LET’S be real now that you have found your balance it is time for the real fight to defend that balance. Honestly, people will continue to be loyal to who you use to be before finding balance. The changes are not at all easy to talk about so you have to stay armed and ready to defend the new way of thinking, which is why? many people continue on it what use to be, and just fall into the abyss of disparity. For instance, If, your favorite color is blue and you just constantly promote the color blue “Blue Rocks” and for no apparent reason the thought of the color blue just changes, and you are left with that inflated balloon because some way, somehow a pin poke the blue your bubble. What do you do next?! Continue pretending that you still like the color blue, or just simply be real about it and say, “My favorite color is green” get rid of all the blue shirts replace them with green ones? Or, become complacent and just keep wearing that blue shirt no matter what? Hate your life enough to just keep driving forward while looking into the rear-view mirror. Warning!!!, “You’ll get a crook in your neck”. Simply stated: Living with irrational fears is a hell of a lot worse than defending balance in your own life, love and liberation.

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