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The Greek found the true secret to love Eros. I am sure there are many more definitions of Love out in the zeitgeist but this is how my thought process and interprets the greatest of them all because it includes all of the other components of Greet Love/mythologies/ideologies whatever the case may be. Love makes the world go around, which is why love ballads just stay around long enough to become memorable classics. Eros is when one release all inner conflicts and struggles to the point that he/she produces pure energy in art, life, and love other people don’t really know what it is but they just know that they want some of that.  I can recall my mom would call it “Chemistry” “…It is when all of the human pores just open up chile…”.    Simply stated: it is an awakening that activates the limbic system, hypothalamus, hippocampus etc… The key is all things in moderation because access to euphoria and pleasure can become addictive. Do I think that everyone is privy to this type of Eros love? No, this Love is something of an anomaly, for those that have the opportunity to experience Eros Love it comes only once in a lifetime. Many people miss it and they go chasing fool’s gold “Poor tink tink” matrix red pill digging the bunny hole. One karmic relationship after another or even stay in one Karmic relationship for a very long time taking the matrix blue pill will do that to you? Passive just really doing much of nothing until that inner wall of conflict starts tumbling and crumbling down around you, and you are left with the rubble and ruins. “Poor tink, tink”,  just let go of the nuts and you open yourself up to destroy Unconscious blockages that have been holding you down for probably a lifetime or maybe eons. Eros #Lul Level up Love heals those old wounds with a full body aura message and begins cell regenerations to reverberate throughout the Universe. The Power of suggestion is within you…

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