“Art and Faith”


Faith is something that we all need to overcome obstacles, and in times of trouble and need. Faith will see us through those hard times.  In order that we succeed we need to Pray that we will have the Faith and courage to sink deeper into spirituality.  Faith is like jumping into the sea of favorability slowly stroke across exploring the striated bands of uncharted waters.   Faith is one of the fruits of the spirit that commands and equalizes convictions that are beyond human comprehension.  When we dream, we can hold fast to the Faith that will see us through whatever is thrown your way.   ‘Don’t Limit the Challenge: Challenge the Limits”.   For some polishing Faith may mean constant deep meditations practices, Bible verses, and a smile is worth a thousand words to someone that is going through some of the toughest times. So don’t miss the opportunity to lift up another human being from his or her disparity it is what we were designed to do. Today is the first day of fasting for the Lenten season, and it is also a time that we can have reflections into our own life, and make some adjustments that are vital to existence.   What are you giving up for lent?

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