“Smart art in Glass”

Recently I had the opportunity to interview my featured guest @NOLA local Artist Alonda Nelson, and discuss her mission to change the way individuals reuse glass bottles a rare and precious Commodity with infinite qualities. Artist Alonda Nelson informed me that glass bottles can remain in the Solid Waste Management landfill for up to 1 million years among the rest of debris and waste. Here in New Orleans as recent as May 17, 2019 glass is no longer accepted in the curbside recycle bins to improve upon the existing marketability of recycled items and minimize contamination. The domino affect begins with China no longer accepting trash as recycling, but require cleaner more carefully sorted materials. If not, the glass bottles just add to the debris in the landfill. The downcycling of the glass water bottles allows Artist Alonda Nelson to come into agreement with this organic product and turn it into something that is transformative, timeless, and thought-provoking. Artist Alonda Nelson “No Limit” creative attitude allows her art work to represent a wide range of inclusive lifestyle audiences. A piece of the mini exhibit on a bottle as a keepsake does two things Helps save the Planet, and is an outstanding memorabilia associated with particular people, places or events.

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