Living Ageless and Happiness

Stepping in happiness in this new time line that the pandemic has brought upon the land make a lot of sense. In the earlier stages of the pandemic, I found myself cutting people off and situations that no longer served me. Or, should I say that God or the Universe did it for me, It does not matter when? it happened it just did…Only we live by time God does not live by time. So, therefore the soul journey to ascend, and to master that ascension is important to healing the world. Turning the page or closing the book on the old comes with essentially rotting from the inside out mental, emotional, and Health challenges, but it is well worth the effort, tenacity, and fortitude to be more than a conqueror in ones own life. Happiness is a precious gift from God. Yet, we continue to squander the very essence of Happiness, and settle for drama, disdain, and discontentment. My life has not escaped any of the downsides where my own personal growth is concerned. To my people that never experienced any downsides; I will be the first to commend you for that, but I would not take back my journey for anything. I now bless the locust of internal and external disturbances that has allowed the scales to be removed from my eyes. Time alone is really one of the best thing anyone can do because there is definitely a power in persistence. In this new time line there is even more empowerment in the power of resistance of doing anything the old way because it is just a swift kick in your own butt to do so. “Not losing just Learning” …I will not be defeated in this life.

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