“Magnet and Material”


This could really summarize what we as humans’ beings all encompass magnet and materials. In our thought words and deeds just giant walking talking magnets drawing unto ourselves imagined fears that just seem to get into our muscles, joints, tissues and then as those magnetic thoughts formulate, and materialize with the passing of time they ultimately become unexpected diagnoses… where the money is not in the cure, but in the medicine. So, the Guinea pig affect begins trial test, placebos. Of course, One prescription after another doctor’s not really clear about the side effects, which oftentimes land the patient in the Emergency room dose sick from either too much of this or too little of that. Meanwhile, the patient is on pins and needles waiting, for the blood test results, and mounting up fears, for the cost of this Emergency Room visit makes things even more complicated. Mass hysteria, and Fears can shut the entire world down everyone can attest to that we have been living in perilous times, for decades. The late great 1972 soulful sounds of singer songwriter musical genius Marvin Gaye had this to say, https://youtu.be/fPkM8F0sjSw“…What’s Going On…”. Mother Earth has been trying to clear her throat for decades from the toxic waste and pollutions destroying the eco-chain. Broken minds hearts and spirits brutality, hatred among the brethren, for all the world to see. I can recall the first time that; I heard the aforementioned vinyl record in the 1970’s; it brought tears to my eyes, and to still see one pivotal state of affairs after another is just sad. I will be the first to admit with so many hard realities lurking sometimes it can be difficult to see through all of the “STUFF”. So, much negativity in the world magnified x 10, and, “The wheels on the bus go round and round” just cannot seem to stop in our recent state of emergency so much has been politically exposed as the curtains were pulled back. I hope as the dust settles from the Pandemic that the importance of Universal healthcare, for the underserved populations make its way to the top of the list of materialized lessons learned.

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