Art and Lateral Thinking

The shift from literal to Lateral Thinking is used quite often in the Arts in order to get a masterpiece completed. It is a great lesson in life oftentimes realized that; we have to sometimes move from side to side in order to move forward. To lower the inward chatter is the first step to rid oneself of old patterns of self-sabotage. On one hand, the left-brain support so many everyday functions from brushing our teeth to driving an 18-wheeler truck. On the other hand, the right brain supports space and time in judgement. The art of lateral thinking or loosing track of time allows the hands and the eyes to uniquely collaborate, and bring forth an agreement visible to the mind’s eye. Some would say “I am in the Zone” when the literal to lateral shift happens. I earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s and at this time a PHD candidate. Therefore, I have articles, essay, thesis published in the Library of Congress just to mention a few. Truth be told: I am at my happiest when I write organic materials breaking some if not all of the writing rules. The way that I see it text book writing acts as a deteriorate to student potential, possibilities, and prospects. The lack of some lateral thinking in the halls of learning comes with a collapse in education, and an increase in tax dollars. The challenge is to find the fine line between literal and lateral thinking, and the pendulum continues to swing between limited and unlimited world realized at the expense of earth balance. Nowness speaks volumes of lateral thinking. Contrary to popular beliefs, literal or vertical thinking limits the collective in a way that cultivate populations of underachievers.

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