Living ageless and Loneliness

To some folk being lonely is excruciating, and a lot of time is spent to recruit Opportunist and Importunity in the throes of their craziness. To the lonely only ” Whatever you do Just don’t leave me”. The castle of cards all fall down, and even the craziness of the psychotic become sexy bleaching clothes, slashing automobile tires, breaking glass windows etc… is seen as appropriate and acceptable poor tink tink. Thinking poor tink tink is what put you into the WTF situation in the first place. The un-diagnosed crazies are the worse they just never seem to be able to turn off crazy. In my opinion, I think those fucktards seek to devour the “Earth Angels” people that were earmarked from birth to bring “Peace” into the land find themselves in some of the most disturbing situations. After-all, shit just floats. Woke is a journey and the walk back to loving oneself is difficult because the numbness has been the heart and mine, for so long. It is like peeling back the layers of an onion once one layer is removed there is another one. There is no need to pursuit “Happiness” we just have to claim it. By now, we all know that a knee on someones neck stop breathing shortly thereafter comes death. Living ageless comes with “Wisdom” in Divine timing, and ultimately loneliness just fades away. Then, the key question is: Who are you without the crazies in your life? Alone is a choice a safe and sacred space.

“Love” is a Verb a word of action

By Elaine Washington Vigne

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