“Art and Love”

Michael Jackson                                                                       http://https://youtu.be/Zqe5NP86OCc

Let’s face it some people make it hard to Love? This subject can elude so many people because I understand that in order to create one must love what he/she is doing. So then, the question: Is Love a talent? Simple stated: we all have talents. But, to some this art of Love is just not that easy. I hear it all the time “…I just cannot find love…” Why? is that and sometimes I come across people that never look for Love, Yet Love just seems to follow them around like a fever. I would like to congratulate the true Scholars that are privy to the end goal of unconditional Love. Because that conditional Love is just down right emotionally draining. It is never a time that you can give that sucker enough in return for anything. Or, maybe people tire of chasing the fool’s gold and they just find words to express that burn-out of not being able to find Love. A few days ago I was wishing everyone “Happiness” “…I just want everybody to be Happy…” until I did not believe that because if that person is in the foolish or victim stage of life just one big magnet for attracting stumbling blocks to enter in those growing pains are necessary to make the final leap to accepting responsibility for the mishaps, missteps, and misunderstandings in life. “No more blame games” It just gets old pointing fingers at everyone. The late icon Michael Jackson lyric “Man in the Mirror” “…I’m starting with the man in the mirror… I’m asking him to change his ways…”. A place that is so freeing releasing the shadow self-take a lot of courage because sometimes an apology will never happen, but deep-down inside is forgiveness, fervently, and fortitude.



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