Living Ageless and Love

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 Love is a verb a word of action, and a strong emotion.  Romance novels and/or novella are a wonderful way to take me away with burning desires, and steamy urges. Others just dream about Love, and wake up with no expectation of ever having love in any part of their lives. Social distancing applies to staying away from liars, cheaters, thieves, and manipulators.  I can assure you they will suck the life out of your mine, body, and soul. Retribution is real and scales on the eyes fall away, and the misdeeds get balanced, and every hard emotion that was created in those toxic relationships are made to be felt by the culprit of chaos. Usually, those hard lessons spur apologies. It is not that easy hurt feelings are just that, and a person should be given the space to heal. Meanwhile, the culprit should spend time on his/her knees asking the creator for “Forgiveness”. I can recall one time seeing this really disturbing dynamic between two young women on television. The situation happened over two decades ago, at a high school graduation party. The young girl was standing near a swimming pool dressed in her graduation clothes not a swimsuit. Sadly, the other young woman darted across to the area where the other young lady was standing and charged her unassuming body, and mine into the pool.  The young woman spine was broken, and she was paralyzed as a result of this WTF? Misdeed all of her dreams deferred. However, to make others in the community comfortable the two woman stayed friends?! For, many years the woman that did the damaged paraded the paralyzed woman around to church and wherever showing the importance of “Forgiveness”. The breakthrough happened when the paralyzed   girl spoke up and told the truth. “…You ruined my life…I am married, Yes… Never able to have children…My husband has to do everything for me… I could not go to college…long hospital stays…All because you thought it was funny to push me into the swimming pool on graduation day. In that moment, the young woman was saying ask the God/Creator/Universe for “Forgiveness… I am only flesh and blood…” Sometimes we can bring so much destruction in a person life the struggle comes, for that person finding closure through the devastation as a result of the trepidation.  The even sadder part of this story is the doer of the misdeed lied about it for so long that the community people began to believe the lie that; she helped rescue the young girl from the pool that tragic day.  Do you see the disparity in this story?

The need to feel like a hero is so important to so many people. However, the hero illusion can come at the expense of someone Peace of mine, happiness, or deter a person from the life that him/her deserve, dream of, or crave to live.

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