Art and Manifesting

It is easier said than done letting go of the mental blocks that seem to bind you. The Art of Manifesting is so important or it just become blocks in the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical self all of which stops the leveling up in life. The physical blocks are so taxing on the body that it just become weighted down and burden everyone can see the pain. As a visual artist myself I understand having wonderful ideas and just not putting forth the effort to manifest them be it on a canvas, blank sheet of writing paper, or sewing something that is an extension of your art that untapped creativity can get caught up in your muscles, joints, head, neck, shoulders creative energy can sometimes be unblocked through  alternative practices such as Jinn Shin, Qigong , yoga etc… Trust and believe the healing will not happen overnight “We make plans and the Universe makes decisions”  The fact of the matter, is we just have to do the work which is where the ball gets dropped  in many cases. So, we just continue to settle in life never looking for or finding our true passion or purpose. Living in a cage never just standing still either going forward of backwards with sidebar limitations. I quote: “Don’t limit the challenge: challenge the Limits”

Formulate a workable plan for how you would like to see your life.  In the Bible the Children of Israel stayed in the wilderness for 40 years, for something that could have been resolved in 3 days.  Also, the numbers of 3 and 7 are numbers of completion in the Bible so sometimes if things do not manifest in the realm of 3’s maybe it might happen in the realm of 7’s. “There is no right or wrong way just the Best way” to the Art of Manifestations.   Nonetheless, it all comes with patience the rest of the Fruits of the spirit will follow…  The 2017 movie “The Mountain Between Us” starring Indris Alba and Kate Winslet is a wonderful interpretation of the physical struggles that comes with releasing the shadow self into the abyss.

“The Mountain Between Us”

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