“Float and Sting”

Funny how art just seem to sink into the moral fibers of the world bringing order to chaos. The Pandemic has caused so much grief to so many families, and that is really hard because many of the family members found out in the aftermath that their loved ones had already transitioned. Mass exodus is one of the ways in which; I am able to explain what? is going on at this time in history. Others are forced to make their way back to the top of the lifestyle chain they had created before this Pandemic devastation. In my short journeys in and around the city I keep seeing what is happened likened to a hurricane category 5. One part of my mine is clear that there was no storm. Yet, another part of my mine interprets the pandemic grip and grab as a hurricane aftermath. So, I keep thinking about the day before all of this happened, and I just really want my life back. Or, do I really want my old life back? Many people are shedding skins and waking up realizing that who? They thought that they were is over…The ego trickery is really dangerous, for so many people because they really believe the hype. Just floating around on a falling cloud too busy to realize that it is all just smoking mirrors. So, to make lieu of all that is going on. I thought back to a conversation with my young adolescent nephew somewhere in the 1980’s where he gave me an analogy of the brain. He said, “…The last supper was displayed as disciples in physical bodies, but in actuality it was explaining the twelve parts of the brain/mine/soul. Doubting, deceiving, denying etc… Somehow, I have been reflecting on what was a theory of his back then, and now I can see the validity in what he was saying. Especially, when the door of “Value” opens up, and you walk through it. In closing, “Float like a Butterfly, sting like a bee” a famous quote from the late great boxing Champion Muhammad Ali. This outstanding mural near the French Quarters of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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