Art and Nowness


Begin with desperation and in that moment learning to think for oneself on a conscious level. Nowness not to get it confused with mindfulness through the eyes of limited manifestations. Nowness is the infinite stairway of enlightenment, and unlimited manifestations. Mindfulness here and then now catapult us into untapped Nowness. The ripple effects of what we do? And, what we do not do is felt throughout the world either positively or negatively. For instance, the social media high way of belonging to the present time identify, objectify, and quantify causal factors on the motif of the global tapestry that shape and create broad strokes of color across a blank canvas. Nowness narratives are immeasurable waveplates with unique properties in unique directions. The art of Nowness allows one to respond appropriately to people, situations, and events, which ultimately leave behind a legacy of reverence marked in time. Mindfulness supports one’s feeling at that time which can translate into not the best reactions the mind can sometimes play tricks, but Nowness is a seriousness from the heart. Buddha wisdom quote: “Not too tight, not too loose” about the Guitar strings that will not play until the strings are pulled just right. Nowness is being the wiser to know the difference between the two. The willingness to manifest the life that is craved are the bases of all that we are. Another Buddha quote: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”. Conscious living is walking the halls of learning step into the shoes of one’s own power and truth is a high all of its own. Unlike Unconscious living with the wrecking ball of a wreck less Dopamine high of despair, distress, and desperations. The pendulum continues to swing time brings about a change. LOL “Love out Loud”   Start with Yourself…

This blog was inspired by #supersoulsunday  

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