Art and Good Vibration

Does it work to heal? I would say no matter what you are going through in some way shape or form there is a vibration just floating around. One that requires our attention be it people, food, music, place etc… at any time just sensing it is enough to make one realize that some kind of consciousness can create a response. The best way to write a blog for me is to have on soothing music with my headsets to block out any disruptions just me and my computer my body responding to the vibrations. The Positive energy boost vibrations are really strong when I take walks in the park and see nature at its finest.  Nature does not discriminate, reject, or transgress just allow the whole world to part take in the beauty that is found in the veins of the leaves, or the bent knees of blades of lush green grass, Whenever I am in City Part I just cannot keep my eyes off of the old Oak tree family. The Oak trees represent a splash of the past meshed with the future embellished with dancing salt and pepper colored moss hanging from the chins of the giant bearded Oaktree men their aging bodies bend ever so quietly as they sway, and shake hands in the breeze of the city’s heat, gigantic Oaktree historians slowly flip the pages from the book of the past with their long willowy branch finger whistling Oaktree stories as one with city park. So today riding by the park I decided to take this beautiful picture of this wonderfully make tree in nature it just spoke to me and reminded me about the first time that I ate “Cotton Candy” for some odd reason, and I would like to share it in this blog it was like whole body regenerations emotionally, and physically just looking at this colorful tree FYI…

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