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Let’s face it everyone seem to be moving in the same direction. One time the saying was “…Different Strokes for Different Folks…” Everyday People lyrics by Sly Stone (1968). So, I been thinking about this long and hard about the changing of the guards as it relates to the collective consciousness. When did we go from Everyday People to this self-imposed Allegory cave mentality? I can recall when attending concerts there might have been a few weed smokers in the audience, but now all that is observed is the blinking lights of the smart phone cameras. It is like humans forgot how? to engage and connect with one another., and avoidance has become second nature to countless numbers of folks in the drone age. Then, the key question is: What are we really running from? Personally, I think it is tomorrow. My childhood friend married a guy from Nigeria in keeping with the traditions she was not allowed to use a baby stroller when her first child was born. The reason being was that the baby should not be made to feel isolated by being pushed out in front and away from the mother. Today, that has morphed into the usage of the many devices that we carry around like it is a body part. So, a few night ago I sat patiently sat and watched journalist Diane Sawyer “Screen Time”. To see young children readily adapting to the fact that the mom or dad is not available when looking at the cell phones is so disheartening. The baby stroller now fits in the palm of the hand. WTF? Is really going on… This generation has to own that we are drowning in information and starving in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. There is life after the allegory cave. Truth be told: “You can love and miss something but still choose to say “Good-Bye” not the end of the world…

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