“Blood and Guts”

Newsflash…From: #Socialdistancing To: Contact Tracing!?. The whole world slowed down so our Faith can allow the Creator to define us in the world. Thus, far the ego has done a really banged up job over the decades. The Pandemic outbreak was all about the 1946-1964 “Baby Boomer” Problematic in the very beginning. Back track Real talk Civil Rights Struggles for families, and women of color were not afforded the exact same Prenatal care as others. As a matter, of fact many of the women of color just decided to go to the hospital for the first time when in labor, and ready to deliver the baby. As a result, they did not receive by no means the exact same Prenatal vitamins as others when they were with child even if they did receive treatment during the pregnancy’s they did not receive the exact same prenatal care. So many babies in the womb were on a slow track of depravation, due to vitamin deficiencies. Besides, the doctors were not all that eager to come in contact with or touch women of color saw it with my own two eyes “Baby Boomer” that I am those doctors back then use to thumb, index fingers touch people of color. I guess to keep the color from rubbing off on them! My late dad was a World War II veteran. Whom served his country so we were able to go to general practitioners at a Public Health Hospital; “…it was the same old soup warmed over, and put in a different bowl pinch, pinch…” In spite of all that, many of the “Baby Boomer” parents were of the “Jim Crow” era came together, and created healthy children with very strong immune systems (DNA), which is playing a role today. Others produced children faint of heart with weakened immune systems that allow for mental, physical, and emotional illness, chronic disease, and unfavorable medical diagnosis largely from poor (DNA) gene pool, bad eating habits, patterns, and behaviors. Gut bacteria weakens the immune system multiply, and infiltrate throughout the digestive tracts of humans. In closing, this pandemic spotlight the Health Care #socialdistancing system of yesterday, and the systemic contact tracing repercussions seen today…Case in Point!



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