living Ageless and Alone

So, being alone has been bashed for a long time. It is a choice for many, and it is because they chose “Happiness” over all.  However, choosing oneself comes with struggles, challenges, and misery. Contrary to popular beliefs, many people are born with that personality where being alone is workable. Therefore, they choose alone activities such as, reading, writing, and long walks.  The domino effect of the pandemic wreaking havoc upon the land and the people within has magnified many fears.  Being alone is at the top of the list of fears, for some.  As a result, they continue to surround themselves with toxic people, places, and situations.  It is better than being alone. Right? I totally disagree toxic people are parasitic like a fungus they don’t die they just spread. The price for admission is really high because the ego will convince us that we are being fulfilled in a toxic relationship filled with cracked foundations of abuse, oppression, and moral decay.  On one hand, Addictions are like that to the taking and demoralizing. On the other hand, the other person become addicted to giving into that turning tables while singing “Oh Yes, I am the great Pretender”.  “…Stick a pin in it…”.   Toxic People are exhausting.


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