Art and Politeness


I think about this word Politeness a lot because it is a word that I think that people have forgotten over the years. Maybe it is something that was shoved away as children just trying to “Get in where you fit in”.   Politeness is an art form in and of itself. Sometimes when I see people getting upset whenever the feeling of disrespect happens cascades over a situation. However, that cuts both way “…Give Respect to get respect…”. Respectively, what is your measure of respect? Why do you let other deceive you to believe that you do not deserve respect? I believe that politeness comes from the soul and the heart of a matter which is where art creates from. Politeness takes practice in the beginning, and then one day it just become your nirvana. I guess one of the best ways to find out what situation, issue, person etc…first distorted your own perception of politeness is necessary. Truth be told: I had a very bad habit of not always saying “Thank You”. In hindsight, I think it had much to do with pecking order me being the youngest of four children. The older children tend to spoil the baby of the family. Today, that distorted perception of not saying “Thank You” would translate into being a bit of a diva/Boss Bitch/slay… Unfortunately, I do not agree with any of those terms they are all very offensive to me. A polite conversation is creative thinking, for the people engaged in it like a respectful song and a dance good manner and etiquette. Waltzing together never missing a step just allows simultaneous conversations to freely flow one to lead and the other to follow. The lack thereof being unconscious able is at the top of the list for ruining relationships, friendships, and partnerships. All of the elements needed for an artist to remain sustainable and true to his craft.

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