Living Ageless in the Present

So, I was thinking that this is the secret that we are all looking for. The quest for searching and finding the the truth is obsessive and not always in a good way. As a matter of fact, it is almost like an insanity where obsessiveness of searching for the truth the rest of the life just falls into a million pieces. Does one just continue to carry the heavy load of being inspector gadget? Or, should you just drop the load and save the strength of your own back? The journey to happiness is simply a choice. The key to happiness is living and breathing in the present free of unfair judgement, and distorted perceptions. Unconditional love is like that loving a person or thing through any circumstance. “It just is” where the cornucopia of blessings come from of self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem. Standing in your own power and truth allow a person to create what it is that he/she want in life being fully present in authenticity, and put an end to the perpetual Fuckaries. Tomorrow will take care of itself because worry is old mental blocks, patterns, and learned behaviors. Now, sit back and smell the warm Valdez while the tower moments are happening all around you, but the lessons are being anchored in higher learning because offering cups of love to the wrong people, and situations are the pits. Instead, take that cup of love and offer it to yourself, and magically step into divinely guided situations and circumstances of all encompassing luck and wisdom. Awww experience the butterfly affect of truest purpose in the present.

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