Plate Power and Earth Balance #30DaySlay

My blogs are usually about Art, but because this is the 1st. of November and some serious holiday foodie temptations are coming our way I thought that I would switch it up a little. Okay, let me cut to the chase this summer I decided to get a hydro-therapy. Yep, you heard it right cleaning out the colon. The process was interesting to say the very least. So I will just say hydro-therapy changed my life in ways that I could never imagine. Other than cleaning out my internal pipes my biggest take away was the advice to start Earthing every day (walking in the grass without any shoes on my feet).  The first day was horrible because the bottom of my feet was too tender to come in contact with the earth in that way so it was easy to retreat and try Earthing the next day. The next day came and I tried Earthing again but something different happened a brilliantly colored brown and yellow Cyanne (Graceful, Lordly) Butterfly fluttered by and landed in the grass like it was leading and guiding me on the primrose Earthing path.  Just like that, I forgot about the sticky prickly things that caused me to retreat the day before. Now, it is one of my daily routines combined with Qigong practices just when I thought that all was well with the Universe cleaned colon an all. By early fall I had a cyst on my head just get totally heated for no reason so much so that I ran to see a dermatologist to get it drained. Well, that did not work because the inflammation in the cyst was running amuck. So the only alternative was to give me one shot in the scalp, and prescribe some anti-inflammatory pills and come back in three weeks.  I returned back to the dermatologist three weeks later, and was given another prescription to clear up the infection the therapy was a little more aggressive than the first prescription. However,  the Dr. was able to give me another scalp injection, and sent me on my way return one month this time to drain the cyst. My dad was predisposed to cyst every one of the four children had a cyst removed at one time or another. Except for me, the infamous cyst decided to visit me in my older years in the worst place ever my scalp. So my second week on the prescription the cyst decided to rise up and explode in my head like a volcano and it spewed something so nasty makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. Then, the cyst formed a scab that looked like some odd shaped funky lumpy shell in the crown of my head following the volcano that continued giving stuff for the next two weeks. Doctors’ orders 20 minutes warm showers to keep that nasty scab from formulating because it took about a half hour in the doctor’s office to remove that scab shaving, scrapping, and needle sticks into the scalp are no fun. I just want to run and hide. I am happy to admit the cyst is D-E-A-D, but I pulled a muscle in my left leg and have to go to physical therapy for the next two months. With all of that being said this brings me back to hydra-therapy doing part of the process of changing how we do food is not enough, and lifestyle changes. Cleaning out the colon was the beginning, and all of the other changes should follow which is very hard living in the South. I love some fried chicken, and fried seafood yum! I took the first step to conscious living, and mindfulness, but I decided to do it my way to keep eating what I want to, stop exercising and not keep a scorecard.  I realized that the body is always speaking to us we just have to listen.

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