“Pandemic Reboot and Renew”

In this time in my life being that so many people were in need of a justice overhaul broken in so many places jobs, homes, marriages etc.… with no way out but just existing in life as a spectator not a participator of happiness. On the outside it just looks like they have things together outgoing, friendly, encouraging engaging when all the time they are just stealing other people lights. Too deceitful and cunning to find his/her own light zapping others. Ill-prepared for life real challenges collector of swords just cutting off people, places, and things that can and would bring them the most joy, peace, and happiness “…Create in me a clean heart, and renew in me a right spirit…” (Psalm 51:10). The Pandemic reboot takes you away from the hurts, pains, and cracked foundations of the past, and into an amazing chapter in the present. Some of the hardest decisions are being made right now imagined fears are being released, and peace along with courage to move forward and take action in creating the life craved is made simple. Computers crash and need a reboot it takes a long time for the process to complete, but it is not impossible for the computer is on overload with past information, and in need of being put back into a safe mode which is in the present. Humm mm very parallel to humans experiences. The whole world was slowed down in this pandemic reboot. I quote; #Nola Mayor LaToya Cantrell  https://youtu.be/_ebbwRHQGQo“Check the data not the date”. So, for the people that have implanted themselves into your life are there to teach you lessons, as a result, gain the power and strength check there temperature for contamination leave them behind, and ultimately the wisdom that comes with the exposed false encouragements from stumbling block lessons resurface taught inner insight, and intuition which is renewed and polished, and we become lightworkers in the world under the hand of God healing myself, and us.



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