Art and the Salamander

The Salamanders are very interesting little artistic creatures they just seem to quietly magna stroke their way around never really leaving any damage just gliding over under and around other parts of the eco-chain canvas. So, I ask myself what really is the purpose of the little exotic creatures? I really did not get an answer until my curiosity lead me to the google search Only then was I able to recognize Why? These little reptilians just manage to stay around my home both day and night. What amazed me most was because of the skin the cleaver salamanders are able to walk through fire and not bet burned. Isn’t that what we all hope would happen in our lives be spared of the heartaches, heartbreaks, headaches, and the man slip, trips and falls that comes with and through life? The Virgo woman that I am  decided to dig deeper into the exact meaning the Salamander represents “Change” and “Enlightenment”, but most of all it represents purification like the Phoenix bird rising up from the ashes. “No longer believing who I think that I am, but who I am all the time becoming”. Since, I have been living here for the past four years the salamander is some type spiritual guide for my journey of transformation the flexibility of being able to survive in water as well as on land. See the lesson? The most important thing is the salamander’s tenacity to survive in the midst of the muck and mire as the salamander allows the Universe to provide for them whatever it is that is need. My guesstimate is salamanders alma mater song is by Bob Marley 1977 song “Three Little Birds… Don’t you worry about a thing cause every little thing is gonna be alright”.

In hindsight, In the past four years I have had the most significant “Change” and “Enlightenment” in my life and it feels good so I have come to honor and respect the daily renewal that comes with the spiritual teachings of the Salamanders as they feather across my front door steps.


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