“Art and Sapiosexual”


My guess is the root word was derived from Homos sapiens on the human evolution chart.  Now; I would like to touch on the school of thought as it relates to the sapiosexual being, which is the missing element in so many relationships. The person that seeks to understand the working of another human mind and the same can be reciprocated between the two is a magical think tank a plethora of thoughts and words filling the space is beyond some comprehension. Yet, it supports the idea that an informal conversation find intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.  Once, that is established between two people through the meeting of brilliant minds is possible then a whole new world can open up. Simple stated:  Another chapter in a book of life is opened and you put an end to rocking with people you love, and attract people who love you.  Skewed perceptions of people can lead to poor decision choices, regret, and despair because you cannot “UnFUck” a person.  The sooner you are willing to admit to your wrong choice the sooner you can find solace in the matter, and hopefully closure. Young love and romance are something to be admired in the face of so many worldly distractions provided you assess and set healthy boundaries is a foundation for a Win Win situation.  Then, you can start brushing and blending broad sapiosexual strokes across the blank relationship canvas never having to reach for the Gesso to cover up mistakes, but to use Gesso sparingly as it helps the paint to weave and/or soak with precision into the canvas to create a sapiosexual masterpiece of transcendence, transformation, and  temperance

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