Art and Efficacy

I always enjoy seeing art through the eyes of another artist. Especially when it is in 3D the idea of taking something and raising the vibration to that level just brings a wonderful flavor to my soul. It is not like just looking at a painting on the wall allowing your eyes to move slowly along the lines and landscape of the painting that at times is just too simple for my brain, but to go into the uncharted territory of the 3D artist is an anomaly to me What? Where? And How? Were the master sculptures’ thinking, perceiving and visioning when he or she made the first agreement to become one with the chosen medium cut, slice, or torch to bring to life through a visual language that would ultimate become a living language among the masses. So yesterday I had a well spent day at a newly renovated Sculpture garden just strolling up and down the massive motif of the embellished borage of harden rock formations, bronze creations, and glass integrations broad bold brilliantly colored installation statements growing up out of the grounds and reaching hands high up to the star’s solidify a desired result to mankind that will represent a hierarchy among humans through the ages is just a testimony to the importance of social change reaching for the next rung of the ladder to everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Staying woke is the key to vertical and horizontal support in a world where there is so many systemized uncertainties, unpredictability, and propaganda on a long and winding road just keep us dizzy, dazed, and daunt. “…Shake it off…”

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