Art and Taking a risk

 An Artist is indeed risk takers and as the confidence grow artist will not take “No” for an answer because the main goal is to create frameworks that are contributors to their legacy, moral compass, and deepest desires, and subliminal messages for how? The world and what? The world should look like.  Just as sure as the sun rises the sun will set, and tomorrow will be yet another day to create, and rebirth an awakened trilogy of connectedness of an even larger work hidden in the recess of the mind. Artist and artisans creations will transcend a common barrage of three-dimensional sonatas to balance the unbalanced, un-trap the caste dyes of depression from negative fears of overthinking and worrying. To break open Spiritual experiences of transformations that will reflect in the spirt.  The risk is worth the wait like in childbirth Mother’s drink from the cup of forgetfulness once they look into the face of pure innocence none of the pain ever happened it was all an illusion. The only thing that is real in the new life that they have been given to watch over.  So a birthday comes every twelve months, but the pregnancy is only nine months because the three months before conceptions the woman body is preparing, for something big. We must remain vigilant at praying, preparing, and planting to receive a ripe harvest, and it all takes a risk beginning with an Ahhh beautiful sunset.  Take the risk and ” Honor the Process”.

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