Art and a Starfish

“Starfish” One Haiku Challenge

Let’s face it starfish are so interesting to look at with a long history of sustainability. Yet, that starfish species has survived the adaptation process for many years and managed to stay around for quite some time. So here is the thing they are able to accomplish two very polar opposite feats. Firstly, when starfish feel threaten the starfish can become asexual reproduce on the spot without a mate, and starfish can also reproduce with a mate. Talk about going against the tides.  In addition to, being able to regenerate and regrow body parts ripped off by predators.  But just when I thought that it could not get any better the starfish disintegrate at the end of life. So I see this parallel trajectory between the starfish and being a determined artist perusing the dream at all cost. Predators come and go biting off a part here and there it is how predators survive. Being an artist comes with many challenges but regenerating and re-growing is what makes the life and times as an artist such a great journey.  To display that boldness at all times never willing to back down not even to the naysayers takes a lot of courage.  Figuring oneself out is not always that easy, but is definitely not impossible to morph all through life. Regenerate and regrow that lost limb, and stand on your own two feet.  Every time an artist pick up materials to create art with what materials and artist come into a trust agreement that these materials with become something else. Hopefully, that art piece will transpire through time, and inspire hope in the @Nextstarfish future generations and be involved in the Social and/or political Change movement. #calltoaction in the artist community to find their starfish inside and rewrite the future through art, words, and deeds.

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