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Traditions can be complicated especially around the holidays. In my mind aggressive generosity calls for creativity to the zenith. Sometimes boundaries can get crossed especially when alcohol is in the picture. Unwarranted liberties taken to blurt out, shout out, and sling not so nice statements to some unassuming minds leaving hurt feelings. The celebrations can quickly become catastrophic, which is totally unnecessary. It reminds me of a story that I heard a very long time ago about a family tradition?! There were three generations in home for a Thanksgiving grandmother, mother, and daughter, whom was a newlywed. So; she has a special interest in preserving the family ways. Her new husband asks one question that had never been asked before. Why are there no wings on the Turkey? So, his new wife had only one answer I don’t know, but my mom always baked the Turkey without the wings. The husband was still a little puzzled. His wife asked her mom Why do you bake the Turkey without the wings? The mom said I don’t really know but it is a tradition passed from her mom. Well, that sparked another question to ask the question to the grandmother, which is what happened next. Mother and daughter walked over to the grandmother with the same question. Why did you Bake your turkey without the wings? The grandmother slowly turned to face both her daughter, and newlywed granddaughter with these words. “…I don’t know why you bake a turkey without the wings, but back then when I baked my turkeys the pans just was not large enough so I just cut the wings off!.., The moral of the story is: call me a granola I will just stick to untraditional ways of thinking…lol

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