“Art and Visceral”



Today, so much is shallow as hell, and selling fantasy is running amuck. Unlike; visceral which relates to the deeper inward feeling not just on intellect. Various Art forms remain consistent negative and positive space and somewhere in the middle a narrative is weaved one that  expands or shrink individual’s intellect. Expressive art therapy for the artist, and for the viewer Expressive inward therapy is the way that I see it. As a visual artist keeping the hands busy allows for Faith to grow, and there is less need for the evidence it is kind of how the right brain works unaware of space and time. Heaven and Earth welcome open vessels to spun pure art interpretations that are free of any distractions. Interesting quote:” No need to keep cutting the grass when the house is burning down to the ground. Right?”. So, when I observe art, I like looking at the lines, twist, and turns to better understand what the artist/artisans was thinking, feeling and doing at the time that the energy was flowing through his/her hands as the creation continue to take thought-provoking forms. What is displayed on the canvas as a whisper will ultimately become a shout a visual language of truth to the world. Let’s face it sometimes the truth can be ugly. Nonetheless, it must lay naked to raise awareness to what really matters, and not to the noisescapes that seem to consume the minds, body and spirts of the masses.


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