” Art and Wabi Sabi”



The traditional Japanese have different ways of viewing the world. So, going to the High museum in downtown Atlanta and seeing in my mine the ideology of a Wabi Sabi art form for acceptance of imperfection, incomplete, or transient is thought-provoking. Acceptance is problematic in the world today and has been for way too long reject what is perceived to be imperfect push or shove it away. “…Out of sight Out of mine…”. The Beauty Industries are running amuck prescribing measurements of Beauty. The wall between what? is real from what? is not real has become higher, and higher and has taken on cartoonish characters symbolism such as: Betty Boop, Wonder Woman, Superman etc… I often wonder if this is from parent child disconnections catapulted through the television and/or electronic baby-sitting age these skewed levels of permanent non-permanent distortions are seen on the face’s bodies of diverse populations every day. Now it is off to the races to be put on front street as a reality television show What went wrong? What went right? How I removed? How I added? All for the sake of circus show entertainment. Hopefully, one day you get your fill of watching these one-eyed Heller visions shows, and go on reality show rehab to value the things that are really important like the job of finding “Mercy” for oneself through all of this muck and mire propaganda that has desensitized, stigmatized , and ill-utilized folks common sense, for monetary gains. I am more than certain like many other things that the measure of beauty is going to change with the passing of time more questions will continue looming around our heads formulating a cascade of wonderment until Planet Earth cease to exist. Meanwhile, the hamster wheel will continue to run as folks continue to volunteer to get on it. I will search for the Beauty in this world God made, Manmade, and I will compartmentalize I quote: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” United States Declaration of Independence.

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